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Lotus Rising encourages the whole self; body, mind, soul, & spirit.

I am an energy healer & spiritual intuitive, & I hope to encourage you on your spiritual journey!

I offer daily spirit messages, energy healing sessions, & private angel card readings!

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We will be having our first Lotus Rising Women’s Retreat next year in the North Georgia foothills, north of Atlanta! This will be a weekend of sisterly connection & self love! Click here to find out more!

Check out the upcoming Energy Awakening Workshop here, too! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn self healing & meditation techniques & to connect with your higher self & spirit!

I offer energy healing sessions, both in-person and distance sessions. My desire is to act as a channel to help facilitate healing of your whole self; body, mind, soul, & spirit. Click here to learn more!

I also offer private angel card readings to help you connect with your spiritual team & receive guidance for your life! Click here to learn more!

I am honored to connect with you!

~ Jessi


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