Client Testimonials

“Hi Jessi, I have been listening now to your voicemail and I broke out in tears. Literally every single word you are saying is true (past, present, and future hopes). I really don’t know what to say. I am speechless but very relieved from within. While I was listening to it I felt a hand on my head . . . She is always near . . . Always. What can I say Jessi, I am so thankful our path crossed. I can feel your energy and loving aura. I hope you enjoy my book and would love to get feedback. I really hope we stay in touch. I look up to you and I am proud of you. Again . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  ~ P

“Jessi, Thank you so much for my reading! It’s amazing how right on you were about everything! The man you described was my step dad who passed in August! On my birthday unfortunately and in my mind to soon! And the dog was my peanut! You said you saw a terrier like he was a chihuahua and you saw p! Yes! For peanut! The writing thing is so amazing because I’ve been trying to think of what I wanna do in that idea! I’m just amazed! And I love writing! Thank you so much! I’ll tell my friends and family about you for sure! Oh and the spirits I do see a lot of signs! You mentioned my kitchen which a spirit makes my blinds move all by themselves! It happened to my sister also a couple weeks ago she was up late by herself and heard it loudly! I video taped it when I saw it! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely use this to make the changes I’ve been trying to figure out where and what and it feels amazing that the angels and my loved ones are here supporting me! Thank you!”  ~ T

“Hello Jessi, Your reading was mind blowing! I have only listened to it one time and am in total shock at how accurate it is. Everyone you mentioned is in fact dear to my heart but have passed on. Wow I am incredibly thankful for having connected with you. I will listen to my reading once again but just wanted to say wow, you are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will keep in touch with you. Have an amazing day!” ~ A

“Thank you for your recording and the Angel card! Thank you for passing the messages from my spiritual team. I have a deeper understanding and sensing of my current life and chakras! Those chakras worked after your cleansing and tune in. I felt great and have a clear idea of what to do! What you have mentioned during the recording were totally true! . . . I think I will book and have more healing or even other services later on! So grateful to have these healings and services today and in the future!”  ~ N

“Ohhh Jessi! A wonderful, awesome reading! I don’t know where to start . . . The salt & pepper haired man with glasses – my dad. He visits often. I usually smell cigarette smoke when he is nearby. And yes, I get the goosebumps often. The baby with the blue ribbon, my son. My dad often thought of him as one of his own. My son and dad were very close. . . . Thank you so very much for the reading Jessi!”  ~ C

“Thank you so much for the reading, and the picture spread . . . So far, it’s been both accurate and helpful. Just what I’d hoped for . . .”  ~ L

“Jessi, Thank you so much for this reading. Some of it gave me chills, especially in reference to the university. I’m actually taking my children to see our cousin play football at the University of Dayton tomorrow, so the “D” and the university you were seeing are spot-on. And because it’s my father’s side of the family, I wonder if it was my “Mamaw” who stepped forward, his mother. When you mentioned the older man who stepped forward with an “H” name, it had to be her husband, my “Papaw,” who worked for the railroad for many years . . . And, on New Year’s Eve, I’m going to an overnight yoga retreat. It’s something I’ve taken up recently, as I work on living a healthier life, in addition to living a sober life. That’s become very important to me. So, again, you were amazingly spot-on with that. Thank you again for the reading. I would love to do another one in the future . . .Thank you again – you have quite the gift!”  ~ J

“Hi Jessi!! If you didn’t hit everything on the head of the nail!!!! Thank you so much. I wanted to send you a picture of my grandmother that I have in my room. She was my best friend. Also she definitely looked after the boy which was my son who just fought a life threatening disease HLH and won. I am thrilled with my reading and will pass it along to my friends. I will be back to have another one in a few months!!! Short white hair, pearl earrings, and her favorite color was blue.” ~ M

“Thank you Jessi for such a wonderful reading. Every word spoke to me and felt so right. Thank you so much.”  ~ M

“Hi Jessi, Thank you so much for sending the reading.  It was very interesting and some definitely made sense to me.  My Dad did pass away 2 years ago so I know that was him coming through very strongly, as well as my little white dog that I had to put down last year. I am so glad they are together and watching over me . . . Thank you for connecting with my Dad, I miss him every second of every day. Who knows what the future holds but I have comfort in knowing my Dad will be by my side no matter what. Thanks again! Much love.”  ~ G