Animal Spirit Message ~ Deer

Animal Spirit Message ~ Deer

If DEER has crossed your path this is a sign that you are highly intuitive & have a strong spiritual connection. The spiritual realm is working with you closely to help raise the vibration around you and bring peace to earth. Deer are peaceful creatures with keen senses & strong intuition. You have the ability to remain calm, sensitive, peaceful, & strong even in the most difficult of life’s challenges. No matter what obstacles you are going through in life, you are being recognized for your abilities & strength. You are being used as an earth angel to help bring peace to others. You are being guided towards a path where you can share your gifts of intuition & healing with the world. 

Affirmation: Divine Spirit, thank you for sending me animal spirit messages to help encourage me along my path. I recognize my spiritual gifts of intuition & healing, & I will continue to use my gifts for the greatest good of those around me. Please continue to teach me & guide me in a direction of peace & healing where I can be of service & help others.

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Animal Spirit Message ~ Rabbit

Animal Spirit Message ~ Rabbit

If RABBIT has crossed your path this is a sign that abundance & new opportunities are coming to you! Rabbit is a sign of fertility & prosperity, so trust that your newfound ideas will grow & become something wonderful for your life! Take special care to plan right now, & take a step each day towards your creation. You will need to stay grounded and practical in order for your dreams to become a reality, but please move forward & trust that you are protected. Your angels & spirit guides are helping you nurture & grow your creation. They want the highest good for your life, & they are surrounding you right now with love & support!

Affirmation: I am protected & supported by heaven as I birth something new & wonderful for my life! I will create daily & trust that my new path will bring abundance & prosperity to me, and I will help & inspire others along the way! Thank you God & the angels for never leaving me & for always being by my side! I am excited about my new creation! I am worthy to create ALL that is good & to receive ALL that is good!

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Animal Spirit Message ~ PelicanĀ 

Animal Spirit Message ~ Pelican

Pelican is guiding you to go within & take some time for yourself to find balance in your life. Regaining balance & peace will help you ground yourself, then you will float & soar through life with ease. Be confident & calm, & care for yourself so that you can move forward & help others. Spend time with family or outdoors to help you feel grounded once again before you soar high! Reflect on the current moment, find stillness within, & move forward with ease. Manifestations will come after you take time to care for yourself.

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Animal Spirit Message ~ Owl

Animal Spirit Message ~ Owl

Spirit is sending you the signs that you are seeking. Keep your eyes open & be aware of the messages around you, as they are valuable messages from your spiritual team. Keep an open mind & heart, but don’t over analyze the situation. The natural wisdom & intuition inside of you will guide you. You are seeing & knowing information that is hidden to most. Allow your intuitive abilities to open & trust the process. You are growing & opening! 

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Animal Spirit Message ~ Fox

Animal Spirit Message ~ Fox

You are being guided to be adaptable & to think quickly this week when faced with tricky situations. Make sure that you are seeing the higher truth within the scenario & realize the lessons being learned by all. Use discernment when making decisions this week, & follow the intuitive path of your heart. You are experiencing increased awareness & perception within the world around you. Pay attention to your dreams, for you are receiving guidance for your life during nocturnal hours. Call on the wisdom of fox energy to guide you.

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