Daily Spirit Message for February 7

Daily Spirit Message ~ New Beginnings

“Today is the beginning of a new life for you.”

Get excited for a new journey in life! The angels support you as something new begins in your life. You may have some reluctancy or fear in relation to these changes, but please don’t. Creative energy and positive experiences are being ushered in for you. You are making a difference in the world and bringing love and joy to those around you! Do not hesitate, and go all in with love! 

Affirmation: I accept positive changes in my life with open arms and am ready for new beginnings!

Image from Mystical Oracle Cards

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Daily Spirit Message for February 2

Daily Spirit Message ~ Illusion

 “Look deeper into a situation as things may not seem as they are.”

Have you been viewing a situation in your life as difficult or negative lately? The angels ask you to curve your thoughts to the positive. Goodness can come from any situation, and changes in life are a natural progression to help us towards growth and understanding of ourselves and others. Keep your thoughts focused on love and compassion, and you will continue stepping towards the light and move down your divine path.

Affirmation: I choose to see goodness and love-filled lessons for myself, others, and the life situations I am in. Having a positive outlook will keep me living a positive life!

Image from Mystical Oracle Cards

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