Daily Spirit Message for January 9

Daily Spirit Message ~ Express Your Creativity

“Thank you Angels for helping me to express my inner creator.” 

You have creative inspiration inside of you. It is time to begin to create new ideas & creations for your life! Sit in meditation, envision what happens next, & create it! You will begin to manifest newness for your life through your creativity. Whether it is through painting, singing, acting, writing, design, public speaking, or anything else creative, now is the time to open up, express yourself, & create! You will manifest abundance, blessings, & new experiences for your life through your creativity! 


Creativity flows to me & from me, & I create newness & abundance for my life! The love of God shines through my creations as I express myself & help inspire others! Manifestations & abundance come to me now as I honor my creativity! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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