Daily Spirit Message for December 2

Daily Spirit Message ~ The Miracle of Prayer

“Thank you Sandalphon for delivering my prayers to heaven.” 

Archangel Sandalphon is encouraging you to believe in answered prayers! Don’t just pray for a solution, but see that solution being resolved. Prayer is a Divine energy exchange, so you must pray with an open, trusting heart in order to receive. When our prayers are infused with love, joy, & hope, we receive the answers to our prayers more easily. Let go of any expectations attached to your prayers. God & the Angels know what is best for you! Whatever is on your heart today, release it to universe with love and trust! The answers to your prayers are coming to you! 


Archangel Sandalphon, thank you for encouraging me to pray with an open, loving, & trusting heart! I pray for the highest good of all involved, & I trust that miraculous solutions will occur! I envision the life I desire, a life filled with peace & happiness! Answered prayers are coming to me now! Thank you God & the Angels for supporting me & for being by my side always.

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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