Daily Spirit Message for November 11

Daily Spirit Message ~ 

Peaceful Warrior “Thank you Ariel for helping me stand my ground with peace!” 

We have come to this world to experience things in order to learn & grow. Not all of our learning experiences are easy, but at any given moment you can choose to come from a peaceful place. You are a peaceful warrior at heart, & you desire peace for everyone, including yourself. At times you have needed to stand up for yourself & others in order to move forward in life. There are other times, when holding your ground with a peaceful heart & walking away from the situation is best. If you choose to speak, speak words of truth & integrity from your heart, not your ego. The way you react to negative situations in life will help you grow & become even more of a peaceful warrior. Call on Archangel Ariel to help you choose the right steps to take. She lovingly guides and protects peaceful warriors like yourself. Move forward in peace & know that you are Divinely protected!


Thank you Archangel Ariel for supporting & guiding me to be a peaceful warrior. I choose heart filled choices as I move forward in strength & love. Even in adversity, I can send peace to those who are struggling & in conflict. I choose to live a peaceful life filled with integrity, now & always.

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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