Daily Spirit Message for November 2

Daily Spirit Message ~ Spirit Animal 

“Thank you animal kingdom for blessing my path with love.” 

Pay attention & look around you because Spirit is communicating to you through animals & birds. It could be through the love & connection of the animals in your life, but the Angels are also bringing animals & birds to you, whether in the physical world or through dreams. These signs are confirmation that you are supported by God & your spiritual team. They work with the animal kingdom to send you loving reminders when you need to be reminded of their presence. Make a conscious effort to connect with your spirit animal, as well! Spirit is all around you supporting you!


Spiritual team, thank you for supporting me through the animal kingdom & the bird kingdom! I will pay attention & connect with the animals around me! I will give love to my pets, & I will receive loving signs from the animal kingdom around me! Thank you Spirit for your continued love & support! I appreciate your signs from animals & birds! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

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