Daily Spirit Message for November 30

Daily Spirit Message ~ Radha, Soul Flame 

“Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony & healing.” 

Loving union, connection & relationship harmony are key at this time. It’s important to remember, though, that relationships won’t make you whole – only your own love can do that. You now have opportunities to find lost parts of yourself – maybe sensual aspects or the capacity to cherish yourself. The relationships around you will then begin to reflect the love you have for yourself. Increased romance, love & opportunities to express divine harmony through love are all becoming apparent in your life. You deserve divine love, & Radha, with her Shakti presence, is here to awaken this loving connection within you now.

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 29

Daily Spirit Message ~ Honour Your Beauty 

“Thank you Jophiel for helping me discover my inner & outer beauty.” 

Archangel Jophiel is encouraging to realize your inner & outer beauty. She is the angel who can help us acknowledge our beauty. You have been way to harsh on yourself lately, & your Angels want you to acknowledge your many beautiful traits, physical & personality. Start naming the many wonderful things about yourself, & your self esteem will raise. Believing in your own beauty will help you shine your love & light to those around you. Remember that you are made in the image of God, which is love & light. Loving yourself will help you love others on your journey! 


Thank you Jophiel for encouraging me to see the beauty in myself. I take time to acknowledge my goodness within & my physical beauty. I want to love myself, & I want to love others. I will view myself the way my angels view me, a being filled with love & light who is learning & growing along my journey! I feel the love of God, & I receive the love of God! I deserve to love myself fully! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Archangel Uriel


Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

  • Archangel Uriel’s name means ‘God’s light” & his purpose is to bring the light of God to all
  • He radiates joy & happiness & wants us all to feel good & positive
  • He carries a torch of light which is to help remove darkness & bring light to a situation
  • He helps you find an answer if you are confused about a situation
  • He helps bring balance to a situation that is unbalanced
  • He works with your solar plexus chakra & helps release any blocks in your power center
  • He helps you get motivated, energized, & focused so that you can move forward
  • He helps dispel any dark thoughts or negativity that you have
  • He helps us stay focused & alert during tests & exams
  • He sees the creative potential in us all & wants us to create
  • He helps us express our gifts & talents with the world
  • He helps self-employed people believe in themselves & shine their light in the world


Archangel Uriel, come to me & surround me with your bright, yellow light. Remove any darkness that surrounds me, & let me be bathed in the light of God. Help me see things clearly, get motivated, inspired, & see the path before me with excitement & happiness. I share my gifts & talents with the world as I create the life that I meant to live. I move forward shining the light of God to all around me. Thank you for believing in me and infusing me with your Divine light.


Daily Spirit Message for November 28

Daily Spirit Message ~ Don’t hate, meditate!

“Thank you angels for guiding me to love through meditation.”

Anytime you feel overwhelmed by anger or frustration, close your eyes and connect with the angels around you. They are a great part of your life and they want you to remove the feelings that aren’t serving you so that you can have a deeper & richer connection with them. Meditate and connect with heaven to extend your awareness so you can become more aware of who surrounds you on an energetic level.

From Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 27

Daily Spirit Message ~ Honor Your Feelings 

“Thank you Haniel for supporting me as I honor my emotions.” 

You are opening up to greater love, & part of growing is releasing. There are emotions inside of you that are real & true, & it is okay to feel & release these emotions. We must feel & release in order to move forward in life. The Angels are asking you to let go & let your inner feelings flow. The Angels are with you as they lovingly guide you towards greater love & compassion for yourself & others. You are feeling, releasing, & growing!


Thank you Archangel Haniel for helping me be true to my emotions. I know that honoring & feeling my emotions will help me open up to greater love & compassion for myself & others. I want to continue to heal & grow, I want to be loving & authentic as I shine my light here on Earth. It is safe to feel & release that which is inside of me.

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 26

Daily Spirit Message ~ Express Your Creativity

“Thank you Angels for helping me to express my inner creator.” 

You have creative inspiration inside of you. It is time to begin to create new ideas & creations for your life! Sit in meditation, envision what happens next, & create it! You will begin to manifest newness for your life through your creativity. Whether it is through painting, singing, acting, design, public speaking, or anything else creative, now is the time to open up, express yourself, & create! You will manifest abundance, blessings, & new experiences for your life through your creativity! 


Creativity flows to me & from me, & I create newness & abundance for my life! The love of God shines through my creations as I express myself & help inspire others! Manifestations & abundance come to me now as I honor my creativity! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 25

Daily Spirit Message ~ Trust Your Vibes

“Thank you angels, today I choose to trust my intuition & your guidance!”

The angels are here to inform you that whatever you have been feeling recently is absolutely correct. Your intuition is on point & the angels are here to congratulate you on trusting your vibes. Feeling is one thing, but trusting is another. When you wholeheartedly trust in your intuition and the feeling you have been given, you come into alignment with who you are and the angelic guidance which surrounds you. Today is the day you must trust what your intuition is telling you but also trust your guidance on what you should do with this intuition. Ensure it is for everyone’s highest good – and that includes yourself.

From Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray 

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Daily Spirit Message for November 24

Daily Spirit Message ~ Spiritual Gifts

“Thank you Raziel for helping me channel my gifts and talents.” 

Archangel Raziel is with you now as you grow & open. You are learning how to raise your vibration and open up your spiritual gifts. We are all born with the ability to be intuitive, psychic, and empathic. Your gifts are opening so that you can understand more in your life, grow closer to spirit, & help others. Give thanks for the gifts of spiritual growth that you are receiving, & you will grow and blossom even more! 


Thank you Raziel for being with me & for helping me open up to my spiritual gifts. I want to continue to grow in order to grow closer to spirit & help others along their path. I am open & ready to receive! Blessed be!

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 23

Daily Spirit Message ~ Serapis Bey, Ascension

“Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness – the light is here.” 

The stars cannot shine without darkness. You may have experienced a low state of being, trauma or depression, but this is a new beginning. Become aware of growth. There is always room for improvement. There’s also a sense of presentation now. You may be experiencing documentation or certification to acknowledge your growth or experience. It’s important to cherish this time & to realize without the challenges or obstacles you have faced, you wouldn’t be as strong, powerful or focused as you are today. You are ascending personally & spiritually at this time & the universe is here to support it. 
From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for November 22

Daily Spirit Message ~ White Eagle, Ancestor Spirit

“Connect to your lineage. A family wound or pattern can be healed now.” 

Take some time to honor just how far you have come. Recognizing through ceremony & ritual the shifts in your awareness, healing & journey really allows you to move into a state of grace & gratitude. You have or have recently had an opportunity to heal an old family wound or pattern. It’s important to connect with your family in spirit so that you can set a new energy of love in place. White Eagle is bringing your ancestors through to you & allowing you to know that they are happy & well. He is sounding his sacred drums to clear your spirit.

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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