Archangel Gabriel

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

  • Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘Strength of God’ & she is the angel of mothers & of communication
  • She is very loving & nurturing & she guides & cares for all God’s children
  • She helps us feel safe & supported in emotional situations
  • She helps us love & honor our inner child
  • She is the angel of children & fertility
  • She helps mothers & children during conception, pregnancy, & labor
  • She is the messenger angel & the angel of communication
  • She helps us be truthful with ourselves & others
  • She helps us speak our truth with integrity in our hearts
  • She helps leaders, speakers, & teachers communicate
  • She carries the trumpet of good news
  • She announced the coming birth of Jesus to Mary in the Bible


Archangel Gabriel, come to me & surround me with your pink & white, nurturing light. Hold me like a child & help me feel safe & loved in your arms. Help me move forward & speak my truth with integrity & love. Help me love & honor my inner child & view the world around me with childlike awe, wonder, & anticipation. I now manifest & birth blessings & abundance for my life!

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