Animal Spirit Message ~ Deer

Animal Spirit Message ~ Deer

If DEER has crossed your path this is a sign that you are highly intuitive & have a strong spiritual connection. The spiritual realm is working with you closely to help raise the vibration around you and bring peace to earth. Deer are peaceful creatures with keen senses & strong intuition. You have the ability to remain calm, sensitive, peaceful, & strong even in the most difficult of life’s challenges. No matter what obstacles you are going through in life, you are being recognized for your abilities & strength. You are being used as an earth angel to help bring peace to others. You are being guided towards a path where you can share your gifts of intuition & healing with the world. 

Affirmation: Divine Spirit, thank you for sending me animal spirit messages to help encourage me along my path. I recognize my spiritual gifts of intuition & healing, & I will continue to use my gifts for the greatest good of those around me. Please continue to teach me & guide me in a direction of peace & healing where I can be of service & help others.

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