Animal Spirit Message ~ Rabbit

Animal Spirit Message ~ Rabbit

If RABBIT has crossed your path this is a sign that abundance & new opportunities are coming to you! Rabbit is a sign of fertility & prosperity, so trust that your newfound ideas will grow & become something wonderful for your life! Take special care to plan right now, & take a step each day towards your creation. You will need to stay grounded and practical in order for your dreams to become a reality, but please move forward & trust that you are protected. Your angels & spirit guides are helping you nurture & grow your creation. They want the highest good for your life, & they are surrounding you right now with love & support!

Affirmation: I am protected & supported by heaven as I birth something new & wonderful for my life! I will create daily & trust that my new path will bring abundance & prosperity to me, and I will help & inspire others along the way! Thank you God & the angels for never leaving me & for always being by my side! I am excited about my new creation! I am worthy to create ALL that is good & to receive ALL that is good!

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