Daily Spirit Message for October 13

Daily Spirit Message ~ Holy Amethyst, Divine Alchemy

“Move beyond current challenges. Focus on what you desire.”

You are ready to move beyond energies or situations that are no longer helpful to you & make space in your life for something more purposeful. You may feel a real need for clearing out – not just mentally or emotionally, but physically too. There is a sense that you are moving beyond challenges & forging golden opportunities from stagnant or unhappy experiences. It’s important to recognize that you are like a magician at this time, with the ability to use your thoughts, will & actions to bring about life-fulfilling & dream-enhancing opportunities. It’s important to focus on what you desire & not what you fear, because what you give your energy to will literally begin to flourish. Call on Holy Amethyst to help you focus on golden opportunities. 

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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