Daily Spirit Message for October 30

Daily Spirit Message ~ Forest Breath

“Take several deep breaths, & exhale slowly to awaken your energy & to release old patterns. Surround yourself in nature to reconnect & heal.”

You may have been experiencing some things lately that have made you stressed. Whether it be your job, finances, home, car, family, or friends, many times in life we can become stressed, & it affects our physical body. Archangel Raphael is guiding you to care of yourself no matter what obstacles you might experience in life. He is the Divine Physician & is with you whenever you need healing. You just have to ask for his help! Call on him to come to you, sit in meditation, & take some deep breaths. Take a walk through the forest today, breathe slowly, & connect with the healing energy of nature. When we can breathe in peace, whatever chaos is around us won’t seem as big of a deal. Archangel Raphael can help you make healthier life choices, too! Just ask!

Affirmation: Archangel Raphael, thank you for being with me & for encouraging me to relax & live a lifestyle of peace. I want to flow in the energy of love & peace no matter what I am experiencing in life. Help me release any old habits that are unhealthy so that I may be more healthy & peaceful! I surround myself in nature and breathe! I choose peace today & every day!

Image from Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

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Daily Spirit Message for October 29

Daily Spirit Message ~ Djwal Khul, Dharma Unfolding

“Remember that you are on a path. Take one step at a time to happiness.”

When Djwal Khul appears in a reading, he reminds you that your path is unfolding as it should. Take one step at a time & remember that your only spiritual function is to be happy. You are a powerful person with many lessons under your belt and a real capacity to share your wisdom with the world. Take the time to go over what you have learned recently, recognize the strengths it has brought you & acknowledge where you have been courageous. Djwal Khul is now working with your angel guides to help your journey unfold like a beautiful lotus flower, one petal at a time. 

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for October 28

Daily Spirit Message ~ The Miracle of Nature “Thank you Angels for helping me to reconnect through nature & fresh air.”

It is time to get outside & surround yourself in the healing beauty of mother nature! The angels are encouraging you to go spend time outdoors to reconnect with the energy of the Divine & your higher self. You’ve been dealing with many things lately, & you need a break from the stresses of life. Surrounding yourself with the energy of nature will help cleanse your energy body, open your heart, & give you increased energy. You will be reminded of the things in life that you should focus on, & you will let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you. You will move forward, realigning with your Divine path & your life’s purpose here on Earth.

Affirmation: Thank you angels for guiding me to spend more time in nature & to breathe in the fresh air. I will go outside today, & I will take some time for myself to breathe & to just be. I want to live a life filled with peace, love, & positive energy, & connecting with nature will help me! Thank you for the miracle of nature! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for October 27

Daily Spirit Message ~ Guardian Angel

The angels want you to know that they are here for you right now. Whatever you are going through or whatever you need, they are by your side. Talk to them often and let them know your thoughts & desires, and they will work behind the scenes to answer your prayers. You are never alone in life. The angels are always with you. They will send you signs to let you know that they are there watching over you. Be open to receiving these signs, and you will notice the signs around you. They could be a number, a feather, a bird, a song, a sign, or a thought. There are many beautiful ways that the angels communicate with us to let us know that they are here for us in a powerful way!

Affirmation: I will not feel alone or discouraged in life because I know that the angels are here for me supporting me always. I will communicate with them & let them know my thoughts & desires. I will ask for what I need & trust that blessings will come to me. I am open to receiving signs from the angels! Thank you angels for always being by my side!

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Daily Spirit Message for October 26

Daily Spirit Message ~ Melchizedek, Higher Learning

“You have learned from experience. More inner study is now required to further progress.”

You have learned so much to this point and are learning more every day. You are recognizing all the great lessons your experiences & challenges have brought to you and are preparing for a transition or inner ascension where you will move beyond another level of fear and into the inner sanctum of your heart & soul. Become aware of patterns, ancient symbols & signs being sent to you from the universe. There’s a sense that you are now able to focus in a new way & offer great light to the world. Melchizedek & his order are with you now, leading you towards spiritual wisdom. Meditate & connect with their light.

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Daily Spirit Message for October 25

Daily Spirit Message ~ Claircognizance 

“Archangel Uriel: Pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you, as they are answered prayers.” 

If you have been asking for guidance lately in your life, Archangel Uriel is encouraging you to listen to your inner thoughts, as they are messages from above. Archangel Uriel will help illuminate the answers for you. Ask for heavenly answers, still your mind, & you will know how to proceed. Your spiritual team wants the highest good for your life & all involved! Answers are coming to you! 


Thank you Archangel Uriel for shining your light upon me. I will listen to the thoughts within & make choices in life that are surrounded in light & love. I move forward in hope & strength, knowing that my prayers are being answered! 

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Archangel Gabriel

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

  • Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘Strength of God’ & she is the angel of mothers & of communication
  • She is very loving & nurturing & she guides & cares for all God’s children
  • She helps us feel safe & supported in emotional situations
  • She helps us love & honor our inner child
  • She is the angel of children & fertility
  • She helps mothers & children during conception, pregnancy, & labor
  • She is the messenger angel & the angel of communication
  • She helps us be truthful with ourselves & others
  • She helps us speak our truth with integrity in our hearts
  • She helps leaders, speakers, & teachers communicate
  • She carries the trumpet of good news
  • She announced the coming birth of Jesus to Mary in the Bible


Archangel Gabriel, come to me & surround me with your pink & white, nurturing light. Hold me like a child & help me feel safe & loved in your arms. Help me move forward & speak my truth with integrity & love. Help me love & honor my inner child & view the world around me with childlike awe, wonder, & anticipation. I now manifest & birth blessings & abundance for my life!

Daily Spirit Message for October 24

Daily Spirit Message ~ Mercury, Open Communication

“Get a weight off your chest. Speak up with love, & be heard.”

Open all levels of communication now. Important messages, insight & information are being shared. You may hear from an old friend or family member, or have an opportunity to finally understand a loved one you’ve not had an easy time with. You may be able to clarify situations where you feel you weren’t heard properly or were misunderstood. Get things off your chest in a loving way, so that you can clear all the roads to love in your life. Listen too – communication is a two-way street. Mercury is here now to allow you to hear clearly & be heard.

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for October 23

Daily Spirit Message ~ Master Buddha, Increased Awareness

“Deep connection. Trust your inner voice.”

You are moving beyond the illusions that fear has created so that you can be more focused on your priorities & what is serving you on this path. All suffering eventually comes to an end, & acknowledging how you really feel & what occurred in order for you to feel this way will help you move beyond it. Call on Master Buddha now to help you remember you are part of something that is greater than suffering. The wheel of karma is turning in your favor & all your acts of kindness & goodness will benefit you. Thoughts may arise now that solve issues in your life, home, relationships or work. They are being sent to you from your inner teachers, the Buddha within.

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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Daily Spirit Message for October 22

Daily Spirit Message ~ Paul the Venetian, Experiencing Grace

“Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration & love are coming to you.”

Whatever creative ideas you are having at this time, they are inspired by the divine. Paul the Venetian is here to help you channel your gifts. You may have felt blocked or held back in the past, but now it’s time to recognize how talented you really are. Follow your bliss & share your grace. Your creativity is a gift to the world, & as you share it with all those around you, you make space in your heart for goodness to enter. Recognize your gifts today & express your creative self in a way that suits you.

From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.

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