Daily Spirit Message for September 19

Daily Spirit Message ~ Bear, Boundaries

“Stand your ground.”

It’s time to stand your ground in order to move forward in life. Make decisions that will honor yourself, your time, & your energy. Speak in truth & kindness, & don’t waiver just because you are concerned about what others may think of you. Create healthy boundaries for yourself & others. When we stand our ground in truth, we claim our inner power, & we are able to manifest miracles for our life. The Angels are here to support you, & they love & support exactly who you are! 


Spiritual team, thank you for reminding me to create healthy boundaries for myself. I stand my ground & step into my truth. I communicate honestly and kindly. I manifest miracles & abundance for myself as I honor my true self & my life’s purpose here on Earth!

Image from Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

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