Daily Spirit Message for September 16

Daily Spirit Message ~ Angel Therapy

“Archangel Raphael: Give your cares & worries to us Angels, & allow us to take your burdens.”

So many times in our lives, we hold onto negative situations or burdens, & we fear that there is nothing we can do about the situation. You are being reminded by God that you can release your fears to your spiritual team & ask for their help in your life. All we have to do is ask, & we put the situation in God’s hands. Then listen to the guidance of your heart. Miraculous solutions will then occur, & you will be cared for. Archangel Raphael is the Divine healer, & he wants to help heal your situation. Call on him, & he will assist you. 


I release my fears to God! Please assist me with this situation in my life. Archangel Raphael, I see your emerald green healing light surrounding myself & the situation. I ask for the highest good for all involved, as I am ready to receive with an open heart! Healing & blessings surround me now! Thank you for your love & support.

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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