Daily Spirit Message for September 2

Daily Spirit Message ~ Balance

“Thank you Angels for bringing my life into balance.”

You are being encouraged by the Angels to take time for yourself and to balance family, work, home life, social life, & personal time. You have been juggling many tasks at once, & you will have more time & energy if you create a schedule for yourself. Make sure that you schedule personal time for yourself, whether it’s rest, self care, creative activities, or exercise. When you take time for yourself, you have a renewed sense of energy and you will more easily be able to accomplish your other goals in life! Balance is key to living a healthy, happy life!


I welcome balance into my life, and I live a healthy & happy life! I take time for myself so that I can have energy to help others! I will create a schedule today and accomplish my daily tasks with peace and ease. Thank you God and the Angels for supporting me and for giving me opportunities in life, but for reminding me to live a life of balance! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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