Daily Spirit Message for August 20

Daily Spirit Message ~ Earth Angel 

“Thank you Angels for inspiring me to be more like you.” 

Awesome job! You are being recognized by your angels for the work that you have done thus far in your life. You are helping others, shining your light, & raising the vibration here on Earth! Make sure that you are caring for yourself, as well. You must care for yourself so that you can have the energy to help others. You are fully supported by the angels on your journey, & amazing things are coming your way! Know that your spiritual team is by your side as you continue to do the work that you are meant to do here on Earth. The angel tribe is supporting you, now & always! 

Affirmation: Thank you angels for loving me & supporting me! I want to become more like you, so guide me towards positive people & situations that will help me grow! I want a relationship with you, & I will continue to communicate with you & trust my intuition, which I know is Divine guidance from the heavens.

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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