Daily Spirit Message for August 7

Daily Spirit Message ~ The Miracle of Nature

“Thank you Angels for helping me reconnect through nature & fresh air.”

The Angels are encouraging you to get outdoors & breathe in the fresh air. Take time today to disconnect from your home, work, & responsibilities. Step outside & connect with nature! Sit by a river, walk through a garden, take your children to a playground. When we spend time in nature, we connect with spirit more easily, & we receive renewed energy & a renewed outlook on life. Do you have a question to ask your spiritual team? Ask the question after spending time in nature. You will open & be able to hear the answer clearly. 


Thank you Angels for encouraging me to get outdoors & connect with nature. I will take time today to spend time outdoors. I will leave the technology behind & soak up the spirit of nature that is around me. When I am attuned to the spirit of nature, I am attuned to the love & energy of God! 

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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