Daily Spirit Message for August 6

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Take Time to Breathe

“Thank you angels. I breathe with ease knowing you’re here!”

You have been busy lately working hard to achieve your goals. The angels encourage you to take time to breathe & take time for yourself right now. You need to rest & refuel your energy so that you can have a renewed outlook on life & your goals at hand. When you balance rest & work, you function more smoothly & accomplish more in life! The angels are proud of how far you have come! Take a deep breath in and out, rest, & surround yourself in peace today!


Thank you angels for guiding me to slow down & to take time to breathe! I realize that I deserve moments of rest & peace in my life. I will schedule more of these moments for my life so that I can have renewed energy to be productive & creative moving forward. Thank you for surrounding me in peace, love, & support! I now breath in & out, rest, & take time for myself!

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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