Daily Spirit Message for August 4

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Signs from Heaven

“Thank you Heaven for sending me reminders of your presence.”

Keep your eyes open because you are receiving signs from your loved ones in heaven! Loved ones in heaven, angels, & spirit guides communicate to us through signs, whether it be, numbers, feathers, dreams, music, animals, or insects, the signs are all around! Did a feather cross your path? Did you hear a song that reminded you of a loved one? Are you seeing the same number over & over again? Are you experiencing vivid dreams? Did a butterfly fly right next to you? Was a deer standing in the middle of your road? These are all signs that your spiritual team in heaven is reminding you of their presence! Move forward in love & light, knowing that you have the support of heaven by your side always!


Heaven, thank you for being with me & reminding me of your presence! I acknowledge the signs I am receiving, & I move forward in confidence! I have the support of heaven beside me, around me, & within me. I am capable of manifesting the life I desire, & I know that heaven is working behind the scenes to support my path! Thank you for the signs! I receive them with an open heart!

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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