Daily Spirit Message for August 3

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Creative Writing

“Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book.”

Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to start writing! Whether it is daily in a journal for yourself or articles or books, it is time! She is the messenger angel, and she helps people with communication & writing. She will help you say what you need to communicate from a higher perspective, & she will will open the doors of opportunities & connections for you! Trust that you are capable & worthy to communicate through writing! Express yourself & be creative through your words!


Archangel Gabriel, thank you for supporting me on my writing path. It is time for me to spread love & light with my words, & to help myself & others heal, learn, & grow. I will make time today to write, knowing that you are with me. I will begin to write more & find moments of time to do so. It is time to tell my story!

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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