Daily Spirit Message for August 1

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Black Panther

“Follow your passion.”

You are being encouraged to follow your passions in life! No matter what it is that you are passionate about, don’t hesitate any longer. It is time to express yourself each day through your passions. If not all at once, take it step by step. You are revealing your true self to the world! Cast aside any fears of your capabilities or what other people will think of you. This is your life, & it is time to express yourself in truth & authenticity. Show your beauty to the world & beautiful things will come to you!


Divine Spirit, I will follow my passions in life & co-create my life with your support! I am safe to fully express myself! I will let my passions shine through the surface, & I will shine the light of love to all around me! I will live in truth & authenticity, & I will connect with my higher self. I will do the work that I am meant to do here on earth to help spread light & love & raise the vibration!

Image from Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

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