August Spirit Message


Here is your August 2016 Spirit Message! Have an amazing month!

August Spirit Message ~

Beginning: Elopement of Skill, You have the freedom to move forward now without fear. You are surrounded by energy, love, purpose, & motivation! Use your skills in love & light. You will achieve sudden progress in life!

Middle: The Imaginer, You are in alignment with your life’s purpose & attuned to the higher energies of the universe! Whatever you dream & vision, you will create for your life! Surround your thoughts in love. You are experiencing higher connection with Spirit. Follow the guidance of your heart. This is a wonderful time of manifestation & creation!

End: Augury of Knowledge, Higher knowledge & wisdom are coming to you at this time. This is a powerful time of self-realization & connection with truth. You will find the knowledge you have been looking for. Soak up the knowledge for it will transform the way you view yourself & the world around you.

Images from The Celtic Wisdom Tarot by Caitlin Matthews

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