Daily Spirit Message for July 31

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Daily Spirit Message ~ You Know What to Do

Archangel Uriel: “Trust your inner knowledge, & act upon it without delay.”

Archangel Uriel is encouraging you to trust the answers you hear within you, for they are the answers to your prayers. You have the wisdom of God inside of you, & you just need to trust your inner wisdom & move forward in life. Uriel will shine his light, step by step, on the directions that you need to take. Make sure that your choices are aligned with your heart, & you will be moving in the right direction! You have the wisdom of the heavens inside of you! Move forward now!


Thank you Archangel Uriel for guiding me along my life journey. I will listen to the guidance of my heart & trust my intuition. I am heading in the right direction, & I have manifested opportunities & abundance for my life. I move forward in trust, love, & light!

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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