Daily Spirit Message for July 29

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Spiritual Abundance

“Thank you angels for blessing me with infinite abundance.”

You are surrounded in extra spiritual abundance right now! This is the perfect time to manifest your heart’s desires. If you feel an area of lack in your life, call on the angels to fill that area of your life with abundance & blessings. Envision your desires manifesting for your life, & this will help speed up the process. God & the angels have blessings they are sending toyou, you just have to ask for heaven’s help! It’s time to manifest & co-create your new reality with your spiritual team!


I am ready for abundance & blessings for my life, & I envision the life I desire! I surrender all of my fears and concerns to you! Thank you God & the angels for blessing all areas of my life! I receive these blessings with open arms, & I will use these gifts to bless others! I am ready to be of service to the world!

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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