Daily Spirit Message for July 28

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Teaching & Learning

Archangel Zadkiel: “Keep an open mind, & learn new ideas. Then, teach these ideas to others.”

You are being encouraged by Archangel Zadkiel to continue your educational path. Have you felt called to sign up for a workshop or class lately or read a new book? This is confirmation to continue learning & to have new experiences in life! You are also being encouraged to teach what you have learned. It is safe for you to be a teacher, & you are fully supported by God & the angels! Spread messages of love & light with your teachings, & you will help make this world a better place.


Thank you Archangel Zadkiel, for leading me to new opportunities to learn. I will step forward on my educational path, & I will soak up the knowledge I find. If the knowledge resonates with my heart, I will share the teachings to those around me! It is safe for me to use my voice! I am excited for these new opportunities & experiences in life! I am fully supported by God & the angels!

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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