Daily Spirit Message for July 27

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Take a Step Back

“Thank you angels for helping me to step back from what’s not serving me.”

In order to grow in life, we must move on from that which no longer serves us. We experience negative situations in life to help us grow, but you do not need to put yourself around negativity. If there are people, places, or situations in your life that bring you down & affect you energetically & emotionally, the angels are encouraging you to take a step back from them. You are in control of where you go & who you are around, & you do not need to be around dysfunction any longer. It is not serving you. See the lesson in it, & lovingly move on from it. Elevate your thoughts and actions to a level that does serve you! You are a sensitive being, & removing yourself from negativity will help you heal, & you will raise your vibration closer to God.


I surround myself with people, places, & situations in my life that are healthy and help me feel good about myself! I will work on growing by making sure that my own thoughts & actions are aligned with love! Thank you angels for supporting me on this journey of healing & growth! I deserve to surround myself in healthy situations on a daily basis! I move forward in love & light!

Image from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

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