Daily Spirit Message for July 25

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Look Inside Yourself

The angels are reminding you today that you are a beautiful child of God who contains the light of God within yourself. You have the ability to go within, listen to your heart, & manifest amazing things for your life! Your spiritual team supports you along the way, but the decisions for your life are ultimately yours. Sometimes in life, we look for support outside of ourselves to justify our choices in life or to justify how we feel about ourselves. Your angels guide you to look within. View yourself in the light of love as your angels view you! What do you feel that you need to do at this given time? Go within. The answers you have been looking for are within you. God speaks to us through our heart. God is inside of us! Take time out to meditate today & listen to the answers of your heart. Then move forward in love & light!


Divine Spirit, thank you for supporting me & for being with me always. I will take time to ask how I should move forward, & I will listen to the answers of my heart. Angels, thank you for continuing to guide me in the right direction. I am fully supported by God & the angels, now & always! I view myself in the light of love! I am amazing, & I can manifest the life of my dreams!

Image from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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