Daily Spirit Message for July 23

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Archangel Raphael

“I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself & others. You are a healer, like me.”
Whatever healing you may need; mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, Archangel Raphael is with you to help you heal. Just call on him. No issue is too big or too small for him. He is the Divine Healer & can help heal you energetically & physically. You are worthy of a life filled with healing & happiness! Imagine Archangel Raphael surrounding you with his emerald green healing light, & envision that the aspect that needs healing is healed. Healing will come to! Archangel Raphael supports healers on their healing paths, as well. Call on him to be by your side & assist you when you are healing others. He wants to help, & he loves to help!

Affirmation: Archangel Raphael, thank you for being by my side & for helping me heal challenges in myself & others. I want to be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually. I want to live a life filled with health & happiness, & I want to have the energy & ability to live each day to its fullest. Health, healing, & happiness surround me now!

Image from Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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