Daily Spirit Message for July 19

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Koala, Empathy

“Speak less & listen more.”
You are being encouraged to use your eyes & ears more to relate to the world around you. Find moments of peace throughout your day to just be. Sit or walk in meditation & interact with the world around you by seeing, listening, & touching. Take a nature walk, listen to the birds, & touch a tree. We are able to connect with God & our higher selves when we allow peace in our lives. You are being guided to listen more in your relationships, too. You can grow closer to someone, gain a deeper understanding of them, & have compassion for them, when you listen with an open heart.

Affirmation: Thank you angels for guiding me to listen more in my life. I want to lovingly connect with the world around me, & I want a life filled with love & peace. I yearn for deeper connections in my relationships, & I will connect more with others with open ears & an open heart! There is wisdom in silence, & I will connect with God & my higher self!

Image from Power Animals Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

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