Daily Spirit Message for July 18

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Archangel Uriel

“Your emotions are healing, which enables you to open up to greater love. I will help you release anger & unforgiveness from your heart & mind.”
Archangel Uriel is with you as you heal & grow. We are here to experience things in life & to learn & grow from them. You are being recognized for the growth that you have done thus far. You have prayed for heaven’s help & the angels are helping you move forward in love. Continue to pray & meditate, & ask that you release the negative & shine the light of God! See the goodness in yourself & others, & move forward from the past in love & light!

Affirmation: Thank you Archangel Uriel for being by my side as I release any fears, anger, or unforgiveness that have been attached to me from the past. I no longer want to hold onto these feelings. I release those cords in the name of love & light. I view others from an angelic perspective & realize that we are all learning, healing, & growing on our journey. I connect with God & my higher self as I shine love & light to those around me.

Image from Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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