Archangel Michael

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image from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

  • Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God”
  • He is the prince of light & heaven
  • He is the king of the angels
  • He is the patron saint of protection
  • He is the Divine protector & protects & guides all who call on him
  • He protects all lightworkers & joins them in supporting their journey of service
  • He is a multi-dimensional being & can be all places at once
  • He helps us surrender the negative so that we can be aligned with love
  • He helps us overcome the darkness of our ego
  • He is seen wearing armour & carrying the sword of truth
  • He has an army of angels who protects us
  • His army are peaceful warriors dedicated to the wellbeing of all humanity
  • He helps us cut the cords of fear that connect us to people, places, & memories that are filled with fear
  • His aura is made of bright blue light that can protect us
  • Call on him when you need protection & when you want to move forward in life

(From the book Angels: How to See, Hear, & Feel Your Angels by Kyle Gray)


Archangel Michael, come to me & surround me with your blue protective light.  Release any fears that I have been holding onto, & let only the love of God enter in. Help me move forward, shining love & light to those around me. I move forward in peace!

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