Daily Spirit Message for July 15

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Chakra Clearing

“Call upon Archangel Metatron to clear and open your chakras, using geometric shapes.”
Many times in life, our chakras become unbalanced, & in order to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually, we must realign them. The health of our energy body affects the health of our physical body, as well. Relaxation, meditation, connecting with nature, & connecting with the angels can help realign our chakras. Call on Archangel Metatron to use his geometric cube to help clear your chakras. Starting at the crown chakra, his healing energy will enter your energy body & clear any blocks or toxins as it moves down through your energy body. Envision his violet aura rays enveloping your body as you sit in meditation with him. Call on him, & he will help heal you!

Affirmation: Archangel Metatron, thank you for clearing my chakras & for helping me heal physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Please come to we when stress or chaos has affected me, & envelop me in your healing violet light. I want to live in peace, have more energy, & raise my intuition, & I know that meditation is key!

Image from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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