Daily Spirit Message for July 10

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Mystique

“Keep charging ahead, & don’t take no for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear.”
You are on the right path! Your spiritual team urges you to keep going! You know what decisions you want to make for your life, & you know the direction that you are meant to go. Don’t change directions out of fear because you don’t believe in yourself or because someone else doesn’t agree with your path. Your path is Divinely appointed for you! If you have recently created a plan, stick with that plan, be consistent & diligent daily, & miraculous things will happen! Have no fear, for you are being guided in the right direction by God & the angels. Move forward fearlessly!

Affirmation: My Divine path is laid out before me, & I will continue walking forward as I live my life’s purpose & manifest my dreams & desires. I have prayed for heaven to show me the way, & I trust that the decisions I am making for my life are in alignment with the highest good for my life & others. Miracles are coming to me now!

Image from Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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