July Spirit Message


Here is your July Spirit Message!

Overall Theme ~ Miracle Healing

Heaven is working behind the scenes this month! Walk through doors that open for you, & expect miracles to occur this month in all aspects of your life; family, home, career, finances, & relationships!

Beginning ~ Raise Your Standards

The angels encourage you to know your self worth & to expect goodness & abundance for your life! Visualize what you want, & imagine your desires coming to fruition with an open heart! You are deserving of abundance!

Middle ~ Vacation

We experience Divine alignment in life when we take time for ourselves! A vacation doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. A change of scenery away from the stresses of life for a day can renew yourself & reinstate a positive outlook on life! Allow yourself the time to rest & renew!

End ~ Happily Ever After

The dreams & desires that you have for your life are finally coming to you! You have taken the needed steps towards manifestation, & you finally know what you deserve! Accept the gifts from the universe graciously! You are deserving of them! You will use these gifts to help others!

Have an amazing July!!!

Images from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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