Daily Spirit Message for July 1

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Forgiveness

The angels feel your pain, & they recognized that you have been hurt, but they don’t want you to carry the burden of anger in your heart anymore. Carrying around this burden is only hurting yourself. Whatever the situation is, ask your angels to help you release the anger & resentment that is in your heart. What happened to you is not okay, but forgiving the person involved will allow you to move on from the situation, making you wiser & stronger. The angels want you to stand up for yourself, not allowing others to mistreat you or your loved ones, but they do not want you to hold anger in your heart. Try to view the other person involved from an angelic perspective. This person made a mistake, & they hopefully learned from it, but they are loved and forgiven by the angels.

Affirmation: Thank you angels for loving me & for being here for me when I experience heartache & pain. I want to heal, & I do not want to feel anger or resentment anymore. Please help me forgive the people in my life who have hurt me & my loved ones. May we all grow from our experiences here on earth and become better people.

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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