Daily Spirit Message for June 17

Daily Spirit Message ~ Soulmate

God & the angels have heard your prayers for a healthy soulmate relationship, & one is coming your way! If you are in a current relationship, the angels will either help bring that relationship closer together or gently end it, so that you can begin anew. In order to help heal your current relationship & raise its vibration, communication is key! You must communicate what you want & need in order to feel provided for in your relationship. In turn, you must ask your partner what they want & need in order to be happy & healthy. All healthy relationships start with a healthy you, so you must be healthy & balanced in order to have a healthy & balanced relationship.

Affirmation: Myself & my relationships are being supported by God & the angels! I must have what I need in my life in order to give to someone else. I will ask for what I need, & I will communicate clearly & lovingly with my partner. When I grow closer to my higher self, my relationships have the ability to grow closer, too!

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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