Daily Spirit Message for June 30

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Birth

Get ready because you are about to birth something beautiful in your life. You are at the moment right before the miracle occurs, so you need to prepare yourself. Trust that whatever is coming your way is for the highest good & sent to you by your spiritual team. It may be a new idea, creation, project, job, home, relationship, or birthing in your life, but whatever it is, it will bring blessings & abundance to your life. Be open to receiving because this blessing is coming to you!

Affirmation: Thank you angels for continuing to surround me, support me, guide me, & bring blessings to my life. I want positive change in my life, & I am open to receiving this blessing! I am ready for it! I will use this blessing to do the work that I am meant to do here on Earth and to help others. I will continue to shine the light of God & be the best me that I can be!

Image from Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 29

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Self-Acceptance

The angels are asking for you to go easy on yourself. You are way to hard on yourself. They want you to know that are a beautiful child of God! You are beautiful inside & out. Don’t get down on your flaws because you are perfect just the way you are. The angels want you to see yourself the way that they see you. No matter what you have done in the past, God and the angels have never left your side, & they will never leave your side. Life is a learning experience, & it is not meant to be perfect. We are meant to learn from our mistakes, in order to heal, grow, & love. The things that we experience in our life will allow us to help others in their lives. We experience things for a reason, & you are exactly who you are for a reason! Love & accept yourself!

Affirmation: I will love & accept myself & know that I am a beautiful child of God! I will learn from my past mistakes & move forward knowing that I have grown from my experiences. I will remind other people that they are beautiful just the way they are. Angels thank you for always being by my side & for never leaving me. Help me view myself the way that you view me.

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 28

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is working with you closely, leading you along your Divine path. He will guide you & give you steps that will help you work on your life purpose. If you have a decision to make, call on him, & he will reveal the answer to you. The moment you call on him, he is there. You are meant to bring light into this world, & Archangel Michael helps lightworkers with their Divine life purpose. You are meant to shine your light in this world! Do not be fearful, for Archangel Michael will protect you, as well. He is the Guardian of the Guardians & the protector of all! You are protected, safe, & supported by heaven! Move forward fearlessly & lovingly!

Affirmation: Archangel Michael, thank you for helping me, watching over me, & protecting me. I will continue to ask for your support in life. I am fully open to receiving your Divine guidance, healing, & protection. Please continue to guide me along my Divine path. Teach me & raise my vibration so that I may help others & be the lightworker that I am meant to be.

Image from Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 27

Daily Spirit Message ~ Nature

You are being guided by God & the angels to spend more time in nature. Nature will be very healing to you right now. The energy in nature will help cleanse, balance, & raise your energetic vibration. You can more easily connect with God, your higher self, & your spiritual team when you are in balance with the natural world. Have you been feeling a little off lately? Take some time today for yourself immersed in nature. Go for a walk, spend time in your garden, go sit by water, be near animals, lay by the light of the moon. Any of these things can help you recharge & gain peace & clarity for your life. Spending time in nature will help you see the steps ahead more clearly.

Affirmation: I will spend some time for myself today in nature. Even spending 5 minutes in nature will help recharge myself emotionally & physically. Thank you angels & nature spirits for connecting with me in nature & for giving me peace & clarity. I am thankful for the natural beauty around me, & I will honor the gifts of the natural world.

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 26

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Study

You are entering a learning phase in your life. Have you been guided to read a book, purchase a class, or meet a new teacher? You have been guided to these educational tools. The angels are encouraging you to move forward with this new knowledge that you are seeking. Now is the time to learn & gain new information so that you can use these skills in your life. Don’t try to rush the learning process. Soak in the information, & enjoy each moment of learning. You will do wonderful things in life with the skills that you learn! You will grow closer to your higher self, & you will help others along your path! The angels continue to encourage you & support you during this time. You got this!

Affirmation: I will move forward with the educational path that I have found. I will remind myself to enjoy the process & not get discouraged along the way. The new information I receive will help transform me & lead me closer to my Divine path. Thank you angels for continuing to guide me & support me on my Divine path!

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 25

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Music

The angels want you to surround yourself in beautiful music! Music will help uplift your spirit & raise your vibration. Playing music throughout the day; while you are getting ready, working, cleaning, or driving, will help you. Peaceful meditation music will cleanse and balance your chakras & aura. Singing & dancing will help raise your vibration, too! Have you been guided lately to sing, dance, or play an instrument? The angels say, “Go for it!” You have talents that you need to share with the world! The angels love music, & the heavens are filled with beautiful music, so your angels will connect to you through music! Listen to the lyrics you are playing, & you will hear a message from them!

Affirmation: I will connect with God & my angels through music! Listening to music will bring me joy & raise my vibration. Music is healing for me, & I am ready for healing. I will not be afraid to sing, dance, or make music. The angels rejoice in the beautiful music that surrounds me. I will be open to hearing messages from my angels through music!

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 24

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Guardian Angel

The angels want you to know that they are here for you right now. Whatever you are going through or whatever you need, they are by your side. Talk to them often and let them know your thoughts & desires, and they will work behind the scenes to answer your prayers. You are never alone in life. The angels are always with you. They will send you signs to let you know that they are there watching over you. Be open to receiving these signs, and you will notice the signs around you. They could be a number, a feather, a bird, a song, a sign, or a thought. There are many beautiful ways that the angels communicate with us to let us know that they are here for us in a powerful way!

Affirmation: I will not feel alone or discouraged in life because I know that the angels are here for me supporting me always. I will communicate with them & let them know my thoughts & desires. I will ask for what I need & trust that blessings will come to me. I am open to receiving signs from the angels! Thank you angels for always being by my side!

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Daily Spirit Message for June 23

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Daily Spirit Message ~ Spiritual Growth

The angels congratulate you for being open because you are experiencing an increase in spiritual growth at this time. They are excited to connect with you on a higher level. All you have to do is ask and be open to receiving! Many feelings and sensations come with spiritual growth, so be gentle with yourself this week, & make sure that you rest & drink plenty of water. Your vibration is being raised to connect with the vibration of the Divine. Please let go of any fears that you have associated with spiritual growth. Your life will change, but it will change for the better. There is a beautiful path laid out before you! Continue taking steps forward daily, & you will experience many rewards!

Affirmation: I am ready for spiritual growth! I will take moments each day to meditate, study, & connect with God & my spiritual team. I want to grow closer to my higher self and to be the best person I can be. I want to help others along my path, as well. Angels, help clear away any emotional blocks or fears that I have. Thank you for the new experiences & blessings!

Image from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue